Ferrologix Inc

Ferrologix was launched in 2015 as a startup from the University of California Los Angeles emerging from Professor Dino Di Carlo's lab in the department of bioengineering. 

The core technology, known as magnetic ratcheting or ratcheting cytometry, was developed by Dr. Coleman Murray, Edward Pao, and Professor Dino Di Carlo as a high precision, high speed cell sorting platform which utilizes micro-magnetic fields. Ferrologix Inc was launched to commercialize the core technology for applications in life science research, diagnostic sample prep, cell therapy manufacturing, and high throughput screening assays. Tim Tiemann joined Ferrologix as CEO to bring life science entrepreneurship experience to a highly motivated team.


The company has since developed the technology into several portable systems systems which are currently deployed at several research laboratories across the US.

Our Team
Tim Tiemann

Chief Executive Officer

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Tim Tiemann serves as CEO for Ferrologix Inc. and has over twenty years experience in the biotech industry. He has led several successful biotech ventures and tech startups launching from companies such as Bayer and Motorola. He brings business development & leadership experience to the Ferrologix  team.

Dr. Dino Di Carlo

Founder & Scientific Advisor

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Professor Dino Di Carlo serves as co-founder and scientific advisory to Ferrologix. He holds a faculty position at the UCLA Department of Bioengineering and has pioneered the development of multiple micro-technologies, resulting in the founding and launch of six startup companies. He is also a co-inventor of the ratcheting cytometry platform. 

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Dr. Lidija Vukovic

Bioengineer and Project Scientist

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Dr. Lidija Vukovic serves as a bioengineer and project scientist for Ferrologix. She has an extensive background in genetic engineering and cell-based assays and currently oversees Ferrologix cell therapy manufacturing and single cell analysis projects. 

Dr. Coleman Murray

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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Dr. Coleman Murray serves as COO and co-founder of Ferrologix Inc. He has  a background in lab  automation and applying microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) towards healthcare products. He received his Ph.D. in 2015 under the mentorship of Professor Dino Di Carlo where he developed the ratcheting cytometry platform which formed Ferrologix's core technology. 

Savannah Bshara-Corson

Senior Bioengineer

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Savannah Bshara-Corson serves as a Senior Bioengineer with a background in T cell biology. She received her Master's degree in Immunology under the mentorship of Dr. Julie Jameson at CSUSM. She is currently spearheading Ferrologix cell purification platform for isolating rare cell populations.

Austin Verhagen 

Research Associate

Austin Verhagen is a Research Associate with Ferrologix. He has a B.S. in Molecular Biology from UCSD and works on a variety of R&D projects in the Ferrologix technology suite.

Our Supporters


Ferrologix, Inc. is privately held firm which was awarded several Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards to commercialize its novel digital magnetic sorting platform.

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