Core Technology: Digital Magnetic Sorting

Ferrologix core technology, known as Digital Magnetic Sorting or Ratcheting Cytometry, employs arrays of inexpensive magnetic micro-structures patterned onto a plastic substrate to form a “chip”. When subjected to a rotating magnetic field cells which have been labeled with a magnetic antibody can be precisely manipulated in a massively parallelized format.

Various chip designs can execute a variety of functions such as rapid purification, quantitative separation based on cell surface expression, and multi-parameter/multi-marker cell sorting. Ferrologix is developing a suite of products based on ratcheting cytometry to address critical bottlenecks in the development and manufacture of cellular therapies.

Product Pipeline

Ferrologix is developing a suite of products to address cell purification and concentration applications across the life science industry. Most platforms consist of a small bench-top instrument and disposable cartridges to perform desired operations and workflows. 


Sample Prep Platform

  • Superior rare cell isolation compared to existing magnetic separators

  • Isolates rare cell populations (<0.01%) with higher purity and efficiency to compared competing products.

  • Purify rare cell populations directly from samples 5-10X faster.

  • Automated platform to reduce process variability.

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High Throughput Multi-Sort Platform

  • Isolate sub-populations of cells based on level of surface expression at manufacturing scale throughputs.

  • Magnetically purify multiple cell types simultaneously.

  • Closed system for aseptic operation and cGMP compliance.


Magnetic Assisted Gene Delivery

  • Increase efficiency and reduce consumption of nucleic acids/viral vectors for gene modification.

  • Single cell dosage control

  • High throughput batch processing for research and therapeutic level cell quantities

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